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  • Installing the ArmourZero Mobile Apps

    ArmourZero Mobile Apps is an application for you to create, receive and view SOC Ticket from your mobile device or tablet. It’s designed to let you quickly respond and work with all your tickets and security matters, eliminate the delay through emails response and other inefficient method.


    You can download the ArmourZero Mobile App from your mobile app store:


    For iOS users

    1. Open App Store on your iOS device.

    2. Click on search and type in the search bar "ArmourZero".

    3. Identify the icon as per below to ensure you download the correct app.

    4. Tap on the "Get" icon to begin to authenticate and download.

    5. Once installing is successfully completed, tap "Open" to access the app.            IMG_870E270EB244-1.jpeg


    For Android users

    1. Go to Play Store on your Android device

    2. Tap on Search bar and type "ArmourZero"

    3. Identify the ArmourZero icon as per below to ensure you download the correct app

    4. Tap on the "Install" button and wait until the installing is finish

    5. Once installing is successfully completed, tap "Open" to access the app

    cA2Lp2UEy6.gif                          Screenshot_2023-01-27_at_2.12.43_PM.png


    Notes: It is recommended to enable automatic updates for the ArmourZero Mobile Apps, so you will be able to receive the latest feature updates.
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  • Logging in to Mobile Apps

    The ArmourZero Mobile Apps lets you response or create new ticket quickly, on the go, through your mobile device or tablet.


    Logging in

    You can login to ArmourZero mobile app using your email address and password.

    Forget password

    In case you forget the password for your ArmourZero account, please click on "Forget Password?" below the password text box. Enter your email address and we will send you the instructions to reset your password.



    Resetting your account password from mobile app will be applied to your password in ArmourZero console as well.

    If that email address is associated with a user profile in that ArmourZero account, you will receive the password reset from your email.



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  • Notification and settings in Mobile Apps

    You could receive instant notification in ArmourZero's Mobile app whenever a SOC ticket responded.



    The Notification screen displays any recent ticket alerts you've received, and indicates how many new notification are on the list:

    • When new ticket are created.
    • New responses to your tickets.
    • Status update on your tickets.

    To open the Notification screen, both iOS and Android users can tap the "bell" icon in the upper right corner.


    On this screen, you can:

    • View all ticket notifications received.
    • Tap notification to view the associated ticket.
    • Mark notification as read.




    The Settings screen lets you configure the basic setting in your mobile device or tablet. Both iOS and Android users will have similar settings screen. To access Settings, go to the "gear" icon on the upper right side of your screen.



    On this screen, you can:

    • Change password.
    • Enable dark mode.
    • Go through ArmourZero's privacy policy.
    • Log out ArmourZero Mobile Apps.


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