Security Operations Center

  • Introduction to Security Operation Center (SOC)

    ArmourZero's dedicated Security Operation Center (SOC) analysts provide real-time protection for your business. They actively monitor your IT network to detect and prevent threats, and if an attack is detected, they isolate infected computers. SOC service is included only in ShieldOne subscription. You can access our SOC services anytime, anywhere using our in-app SOC Ticket feature or via our mobile app.


    SOC services coverage

    1. 24/7 Detection & Response Management.
    2. 24/7 Incident Alert Monitoring.
    3. 24/7 Global Threat Notifications.
    4. Monthly Analysis Report for reviewing your protection.
    5. Host isolation and response.
    6. Incident management with Root Cause Analysis.
    7. Security alerts for potential threats (phishing, malware, suspicious activity).
    8. Troubleshooting product issues.
    9. Configuration changes.
    10. Policy additions, removals, or modifications.
    11. Proactive review of email threats (applicable for email protection service).


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  • How to submit new SOC ticket

    SOC ticketing facilitates two-way communication, allowing all parties to engage. The SOC team can reach out to you for any cybersecurity matters or you can reach out to them as well.


    ArmourZero web console

    1. Login to ArmourZero console

    2. Go to “SOC 24/7” under HELP & SOC section. 

    3. Click “Add New SOC Ticket”.

    4. Fill in the new ticket request details starting with a title.

    5. Select your ticket request type.

    SOC ticket type Description and when to use

    Exclusion list

    Specify the objects/domains to be skipped by the service

    Rules and policy

    A rule or policy sets the standards of behavior for activities 


    Any configurations for an information system to enable security and managing risk

    Software version upgrade

    Any service version upgrade


    Any others matter such as billing, accounts

    6.  Elaborate your request to the SOC team. Add attachment if needed.


    ArmourZero mobile app

    1. Login to your ArmourZero Mobile Apps.

    2. Click on the + icon on the top side of your mobile or tablet device screen.

    3. You will be pop up to page "Submit a new SOC Ticket".

    4. Select your ticket request type.

    5. Fill in the new ticket "Title" and "Description".

    6. Click "Create New Ticket" to submit this new SOC ticket.


    Once the ticket is successfully submitted, ArmourZero SOC 24/7 will receive your ticket and respond accordingly.


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  • Monitor you SOC ticket

    Once you've submitted your request, you can track its progress from your account. You'll find updates and responses from the ArmourZero team on the SOC 24/7 page.


    ArmourZero web console

    1. Go to “SOC 24/7” under HELP & SOC section.

    2. View all your ticket status in a list.

    Status SOC ticket status descriptions 


    Your ticket has been submitted. Awaiting a reply from ArmourZero team

    Seeking Approval

    Your request has been handled. Seeking approval from our partners


    Your request has been approved

    Working in progress

    Your request is actively being worked on by one of the team members


    The ticket or request has been canceled by request


    Your request has been completed

    3. Click on your change request to view and send the messages.



    ArmourZero mobile app

    Once you log in to the ArmourZero Mobile Apps, you will see the list of tickets. The ticket list view displays by ticket type. You can sort it accordingly.

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