ArmourZero Affiliate Program

  • How to register to become ArmourZero affiliate

    ArmourZero's Affiliate Program designed to reward you when you refer a customer onto ArmourZero platform. After you joined, you'll receive an unique affiliate link which you can use to refer customers. Every time someone signed up and paid through your unique affiliate link, you earn a commission automatically. You can share the link in email, social media, blog posts, and any other platforms.



    The benefits of the ArmourZero Affiliate Program include:

    • 8% in recurring referral payments.
    • 90-day cookie duration, ensuring you receive credit for referrals made within that period.
    • A Success Manager to assist and support you.
    • Easy referral payment tracking.
    • No upfront cost to participate.
    • Payments are issued every month.

    Ready to start promoting? Just follow some simple steps below.


    Step 1: Sign up the affiliate program

    Let's start but signing up affiliate account. Once you have an account, you'll get access to an account for everything you need to start earning referral payments.



    If you are an existing customer wishing to promote our service, you will still need to sign up for an affiliate account.


    1. Sign up for your affiliate account via this link.

    2. Fill up the form, ArmourZero team to be in touch with you shortly to brief on this program.


    3. When your request has been approved, check your registered email and create an account.

    4. Create a password and login your account.

    5. Login to your account.

    6. Click the "Dashboard", you will see your unique affiliate link.

    7. Share to your friends and communities.



    Step 2: Provide your bank details

    You can choose either to update bank details for :-

    • Personal account.
    • Company account.

    1. Click the "Bank Setting" and "Banking Details", provide your bank details for the payout purposes.



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  • How to track your affiliate sign up and commission

    When your affiliate visits the ArmourZero site through your referral link and sign up for their account, it will automatically identify as your affiliate. 


    Affiliate list

    1. Login to your affiliate account.

    2. Click the "Commission" and you will see a list of affiliate that signed up and paid.

    3. You can see the commission earned from each affiliate. 




    ArmourZero will payout all affiliate's commission on by 15th of each month.




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  • Frequently asked questions

    Our answers to frequently asked questions about ArmourZero affiliate program, managing your account, and how to start gaining referral payments by promoting our service.


    What is ArmourZero’s Affiliate Program?

    In simple terms, ArmourZero's Affiliate Program enables you to earn a commission for referring customers through your unique affiliate link in various content types, such as emails, social media posts, blog articles, and more.


    Do you need to be an ArmourZero customer?

    Being an ArmourZero's paid customer is not a requirement to join the ArmourZero Affiliate Program. However, the program is managed through an affiliates account. Create an account to get started.


    Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?

    Absolute no joining fee! Signing up and participating as an ArmourZero Affiliate Program is completely free.


    Who can you promote to?

    ArmourZero is perfect for any company that seeks protection against cyber-attacks and cyber threats; be it small companies or large enterprises.


    What qualified as commission?

    All invoiced subscription including new subscriptions, renewals, and add-on, for as long as your referrals remain paid customers.


    How much can you earn?

    There’s no cap on earnings. Depending on your qualified partner tier, you can earn up to generous 3% recurring commissions. The more paid users, the higher commission you earn!


    How do you track commission?

    Everything done automated for you. Just login to our console and track all the commissions and payout.


    How do ArmourZero support affiliates?

    Rest assured, you are not alone in this journey. If you need support or advice, feel free to reach out to our dedicated Success Manager, who is here to assist you. Additionally, we offer in-house training on various cybersecurity topics to help you enhance your knowledge and skills in this field. We are committed to providing you with the necessary resources for your success as a part of our team.


    Can you earn referral payment on my own ArmourZero account?

    You cannot receive referral payments on your own paying-customer's account.

    All orders are checked while processing, and referral payment will not be credited if you attempt to sign up through your own referral link.

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